Wow you're actually taking the time to read my bio. I'd better write one then.

I've been a working artist and illustrator for more than 20 years. A graduate of the Falmouth Art College, I've worked in London and Europe as a freelance illustrator and taught art at the Medway College of Design in Kent, England, before moving to New York.

In New York I immediately joined the Society of Illustrators which remains a great source of inspiration for me.

I've been fortunate enough to have had a rich and varied career. I've painted over 200 bookcovers, a great many baseball cards, storyboarded movies and TV programs, worked for major advertising companies, painted corporate murals and much more. I even got cast as a villain in the Nickelodeon TV show "Race Rabbit" -- a whole story in itself.

I'm currently working on a number of projects as well as working towards my M.A in illustration. I'm busy, but really enjoying it.

I hope you have a good time looking around this website and thanks for your interest, that is, if you are still reading.

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